Cost Effective Steel Supply in Zambia

Steel Supply Zambia - Nshimbi Steel

Nshimbi began its operations in 2009 with sole focus on steel supply to the Lusaka market.  Steel supply is very much an integral part of the DNA of the company.  There are four main reasons why Nshimbi is the best company to supply steel to local Zambian market.

  1. Preferred stockist for Aveng Steel South Africa

    Nshimbi is the preferred stockist for Aveng Steel South Africa which is a publicly listed company with a market capitalization of $6Bn at the time of writing this article.  This size allows them to get unparalleled price directly from the largest global manufacturers.  Since Nshimbi enjoys an exclusive rebate relationship with Aveng, it provides the best pricing to its customers.  The same strong relationship is also evident in the large inventory Nshimbi currently carries at its warehouses, which currently stock $3m of inventory.  Nshimbi has the largest stock of structural steel in Zambia and it allows us to supply steel to our clients at a moments notice.  Nshimbi also carries a diverse mix of steel stock which is carefully selected based on the time of the year, the latest trends and our target industry verticals.  When it comes to large projects, Nshimbi partners with Aveng to create credibility and guarantee performance.  This is the primary reason the biggest Zambian companies rely on us to supply steel on their most pressing capital expansion projects.  Finally, the priority service we enjoy with Aveng, ensures that our customers will get any steel items we don’t carry in stock in record time, since it is almost certain to be stocked with Aveng South Africa.

  2. Financing from banks

    We enjoy some of the best financing rates from the banks due to our size and client base.  We leverage our industry expertise in order to hedge currency risk and commodity pricing risk.  The favorable credit terms we enjoy from banks is another key reason for the low cost of our steel supply compared to our competitors.  This flexibility in pricing allows Nshimbi to finance large expansion projects, especially with long-standing customers who have done business with us in the past.

  3. Loyal customers

    The quality in our work has allowed Nshimbi to develop a very loyal customer base.  Besides steel supply at very low rates, Nshimbi also provides other services like steel fabrication and steel installation.  This enables Nshimbi to provide technical knowledge and consultation on how clients can reduce their steel costs through better design and fabrication.  The resulting economies of scale allows us more leverage when sourcing steel from our suppliers and freight companies.

  4. Professional Staff

    Nshimbi currently employs over 100 experienced professionals, who have backgrounds in agriculture, construction, industrial machinery, transportation and freight, fabrication, installation and steel supply.  This allows us to serve our diverse client base using the best practices and with the highest efficiency.  Whether you are retail, corporate or government institution, you can be sure Nshimbi is the best company to supply steel for your next expansion project.

Every steel project is unique but they share similar features.  I look forward to hearing from you about your next steel project and the staff at Nshimbi will be sure to supply steel at a price which other companies cannot match.


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