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Nshimbi Steel - Health and Safety

The two documents which reflect Nshimbi’s commitment to health and safety are the Safety Policy and Employee Handbook.  Whereas the handbook contains safety guidelines, procedures (including PPE usage policy) and penalties for non-conformance the Safety Policy is clearly displayed throughout our premises.

Nshimbi Steel (Z) Ltd. Safety Policy

Nshimbi Steel (Z) Ltd considers health and safety of it’s employees and customers to be of paramount importance and that a safe and healthy working environment is a pre-requisite to achieving the company’s goal to promote excellence in its various operations. Health and safety is the responsibility of everyone in the company . All employees expect a safe and healthy work environment , and in turn, management expect each employee to contribute to that safe environment through responsible behaviours.


Nshimbi Steel (Z) Ltd. is also registered with Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ) and the Engineering Regulatory Board (ERB).  The focus on safety extends well beyond lip-service.  The safety culture is the first item all new employees are exposed to during on-boarding activities.   Management support is critical to foster safety culture and the safety policy is displayed all around the premises.  To ensure that Nshimbi teams follow the protocols and there is absolute compliance and Safety and Quality Consultants are engaged on a continual basis.  Safety consultants conduct risk assessments on Nshimbi premises as well as on Nshimbi construction sites.  Most recently, the focus has fallen on visiting clients who are asked to wear PPE and also park in reverse on the company premises.

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