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Superior Steel Fabrication in Zambia

Nshimbi Steel Zambia is proud to provide superior steel fabrication services to the Zambian  public since 2013.  The quality of our workmanship combined with our strict adherence to project timelines have allowed us to increase our marketshare in the steel fabrication industry.  The following three features separate us from our peers and have allowed Nshimbi to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients.

  1. Equipment
    The equipment needed to ensure high quality finish as well as work on multiple steel fabrication projects with tight timelines requires major investment.  Nshimbi steel is proud to carry a very wide selection of steel fabrication equipment ranging from welding machines (single phase welders to heavy duty welders), profile cutters, profile grinders, magnetic drills, spray paint compressors and various jigs needed to ensure high precision and quality.  To ensure the high quality of our welds we regularly use die penetrant.
  2. International Team
    Our team comprises of experienced professionals with a healthy balance of local and international talent.  Some of our international fabrication team members have worked on very large projects in the Gulf, India and other pan-African countries.  They provide valuable guidance to our local steel fabricators on best practices.  Furthermore, we have professional fabricators with experience fabricating for different types of structures ranging from warehouses, multi-story buildings, milling plants, bottling facilities, shopping malls and commercial office space.
  3. Management team focused on meeting project timelines
    The Nshimbi management team consists of civil engineers and mechanical engineers together with experienced administration staff.  The team understands the importance of adhering to project timelines and conducts rigorous planning with close attention to various stress scenarios so that our client projects do not get delayed.  We are acutely aware of the high costs of project delays which can run into millions of Kwacha if this aspect of project delivery is not carefully monitored.


Nshimbi Steel - Health and Safety

Health and Safety

The two documents which reflect Nshimbi’s commitment to health and safety are the Safety Policy and Employee Handbook.  Whereas the handbook contains safety guidelines, procedures (including PPE usage policy) and penalties for non-conformance the Safety Policy is clearly displayed throughout our premises.

Nshimbi Steel (Z) Ltd. Safety Policy

Nshimbi Steel (Z) Ltd considers health and safety of it’s employees and customers to be of paramount importance and that a safe and healthy working environment is a pre-requisite to achieving the company’s goal to promote excellence in its various operations. Health and safety is the responsibility of everyone in the company . All employees expect a safe and healthy work environment , and in turn, management expect each employee to contribute to that safe environment through responsible behaviours.


Nshimbi Steel (Z) Ltd. is also registered with Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ) and the Engineering Regulatory Board (ERB).  The focus on safety extends well beyond lip-service.  The safety culture is the first item all new employees are exposed to during on-boarding activities.   Management support is critical to foster safety culture and the safety policy is displayed all around the premises.  To ensure that Nshimbi teams follow the protocols and there is absolute compliance and Safety and Quality Consultants are engaged on a continual basis.  Safety consultants conduct risk assessments on Nshimbi premises as well as on Nshimbi construction sites.  Most recently, the focus has fallen on visiting clients who are asked to wear PPE and also park in reverse on the company premises.

Nshimbi Steel - Steel Installation

Reliable Steel Installation in Zambia

Nshimbi specialises in steel installation.  Since we supply and fabricate steel, we are experts in executing steel installation projects.  The value chain integration allows for more accountability and more streamlined operations.  In the unusual event there is some adjustment needed, Nshimbi can handle the additional workload seamlessly, whether it involves further workshop fabrication or trivial onsite alterations.  Steel installation is a vital part of the project and the focus is very much on staying on track with the project deadlines.   Working closely with the general contractors is vital but there are other reasons why you should choose Nshimbi Steel to conduct the steel installation for your project.

  1. Equipment – Nshimbi owns multiple cranes (both mobile and tower) and a fleet of 8 trucks so as to guarantee your steel makes it to site on time and then gets installed without any delays. 
  2. Engineers and Construction managers – Our highly qualified and experienced managers, some with over 30 years of industry experience have working on the largest projects on multiple continents.  Their attention to detail and meticulous focus on efficiency allows Nshimbi to provide the highest quality services to clients at the most competitive prices. 
  3. Safety focus – Nshimbi Steel Zambia is fully committed to safety and it is reflected in all aspects of our operations.  From all the necessary PPE, to routine pep talks before every shift we are a proactive company when it comes to safety issues.  Our impeccable safety record is proof of our company cultures focus on safety.  We also employ various safety consultants consultants at multiple times in the year to audit our practices and alert us to potential safety issues.   So far it has worked well for Nshimbi and its employees but that does not mean we will rest on our laurels.