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Experienced Zambian Steel Suppliers

We have been supplying steel for multimillion dollar projects for 7 years

Precision Fabricators and Installers

We are very familiar with the challenges of creating high-quality, cost-effective steel structures. We have 5 years experience in fabricating and installing steel structures for our clients.

Partners to governments, global contractors and MNCs

We are proud to work with MNCs, global contractors and governments on their most ambitious expansions

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Steel Suppliers, Contractors and Construction
Managers Since 2009

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Featured Works

  • Latitude 15 Hotel
    May 2015
  • African Milling Expansion
    April 2016
  • Ambro Warehouses
    October 2015
  • Caribbean Transport Facility
    March 2016
  • Teveta Expansion
    August 2014
  • Pepsi Bottling Facility
    March 2014
  • Roma Park Modular Storage
    July 2015
  • Kabulonga Central Mall
    June 2016
  • DG House
    March 2013
  • Crawin Farms
    February 2015
  • ZICTA Expansion
    July 2016

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Nshimbi Client Nshimbi Client Nshimbi Client
Nshimbi Client Nshimbi Client Nshimbi Client